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Yongsung Kim

Picuture of Yongsung Kim

As a devout Christian and follow of Jesus Christ, the focus of Yongsung Kim's paintings and art is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As an early age, Yongsung worried about the meaning of life and his place in it. He wondered why he was here on earth and what he should do with his life. Then after much pondering and prayer, he decided to devote his life to Christ! He does this by painting bright and beautiful pieces of art that are centered on Jesus Christ.
Yongsung Kim's art, paintings, pictures and images of Christ give hope and happiness to people the world over! Many paint Christ is a negative light, where Yongsung Kim paints Christ in a positive light. His focus is on the love, joy, and happiness that Christ can give to anyone who follows Him. Yongsung loves spreading this joy and happiness through paintings, images, art, and pictures of Jesus Christ. We hope you enjoy this wonderful art collection of Yongsung Kim, and that you can find a painting or piece of art that speaks to your soul.