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Picuture of Yongsung Kim

Yongsung Kim is a faithful christian and loves Jesus Christ. He paints so that others can find Jesus and build their lives upon his teachings. 

Yongsung Kim paints Jesus using bright vibrant colors, and portrays Jesus as joyful, happy and inspiring. He wants to create a positive light about Jesus Christ.

One of Yongsung Kim's most popular works of art is The Hand of God painting. This is a painting of Jesus walking on water and reaching his hand out to save Peter from drowning. Seeing this Bible story from the perspective of Peter brings a new life to this amazing experience. The Hand of God painting has brought hope and joy into homes of christians the world over. We hope you enjoy this painting as well.

Other famous paintings of Yongsung Kim include: Calm and Stars, Walking on Water, He Leadeth Me, I Shall Not Want, and In Green Pastures.

We hope you enjoy this amazing collection of art and paintings by Yongsung Kim!

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Light Upon His Shoulders
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