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Paul Romeri-Grass

Paul Romeri-Grass brings Christians together through interfaith Christian art events, community and private classes, and paintings on the Life of Christ. Paul believes that art and education can heal wounds. In line with his passion of illustrating the Savior, Paul has created a small interfaith Christian art school, The Religious Academy, where his students have the opportunity to express their love of Christ through their art. As such, a portion of the sales of his prints and originals fund classes for individuals in poverty and crisis, using art as a tool to heal. Paul hosts workshops and art shows around the world where the community can enjoy his and his students' drawings and paintings.

Many community members, who otherwise could not afford a piece of religious art for their home, attend a community workshop where they create their first piece of religious art! Paul's first and foremost passion is creating images of the Savior, depicting events in His life. His prints and originals of the Savior can be found in the ArchDiocese of Colorado, Colorado Christian University, the Denver Stake Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and in collections and homes throughout the world. His artwork is owned by Nathan Osmond, Donny Osmond, Tonny Rosacci, Kim Purbaugh, Robert Turner, Marta Johnson, and others.

Paul has painted full-time for 12 years in Denver and 2 years in Utah, creating portraits and scripture-based paintings, commissioned by dozens of clients. His style has developed into what Patrick Devonas calls Academic Impressionistic, stating, "The ability to draw realistically is paramount in order to come up with a style of your own.” Academic Impressionism draws on deep emotion and evokes strong and sacred feelings. Realism, infused with the softer edges of impressionism, while focused on light and movement, is what speaks to Paul. Rembrandt, Carl Bloch, Heinrick Hoffman, and Illya Reypin are some of the largest sources of Paul’s inspiration as he paints the Life of Christ.

At Mountain View High School, he passed the AP Art exam while under the tutelage of Steve Laney. He then graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Utah State University (2006). At Utah Valley University, he mentored under Perry Stewart and Patrick Devonas. In 2009, he moved to Denver, Colorado to mentor with painters Quang Ho and Ron Hicks. Paul Romeri-Grass is excited to share his testimony of the Living Christ with you. He hopes his paintings will draw you closer to the Son of God—the One who knows exactly how to succor you in your time of need.

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