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Nativity Scene Paintings: Art depicting the Birth of Jesus

Shop our collection of original Nativity artwork. Discover the miracle of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of the most gifted Christian artists in the world. 

Celebrate the scene of the Nativity and the miraculous birth of Jesus. Find Nativity wall art to inspire you to revisit this remarkable moment.

Unearth The Greatest Gift to all mankind in these Nativity Scene Paintings.

9 products found in Nativity Artwork

The Greatest Gift
  • From $9.99
Star In The East
  • From $14.99
Immanuel is a painting that depicts Mary and Joseph looking at the new born baby Jesus - Yongsung Kim | Havenlight | Christian Artwork
  • From $9.99
Nativity Open Edition Canvas / 19 X 21 Print Only Art
  • From $9.95
Silent Night
  • From $9.99
  • From $9.99
Nativity Open Edition Canvas / 18 X 12 Rolled Art
  • From $90.00
The First Gift
  • From $9.99
His Hands Open Edition Print / 10 X 8 Only Art
His Hands
  • From $6.95