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This collection of images & paintings of Jesus Christ is our most popular collection. Jesus pictures and images of Christ are sure to brighten your day and provide warmth and hope to your home.

Pictures of Jesus provide a spiritual safety net to your home. Images and paintings of Jesus also make your home a sacred space as well, a spiritual recharge from the draining influences of the outside world. These paintings of Jesus Christ will give you energy and peace in your day to day life.

We hope you enjoy these pictures of Jesus and share them with your friends and family!

7 products found in Images & Paintings of Jesus Christ

Worth of a Soul
  • From $29.99
Worth Of A Soul is a painting that depicts Jesus Christ holding in His arms a young child from Africa - Liz Lemon Swindle | Havenlight | latter-day saint artwork
Worth of a Soul
  • From $15.95
Peace Be Still
  • $515.00
In His Keeping
  • From $240.00
For This Purpose
  • $515.00
  • $515.00
After the Storm
  • $515.00