The First by Jared Barnes –

The First

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I wanted to bear my testimony of the Savior through a painting. One night while waiting for my brother Justin to come home, I was trying to come up with good ideas to paint. I realized I wanted to paint the resurrection of Christ, but resisted because of the number of times it had been done. Just as I had decided against the idea, my brother came home.

When I told him my predicament, he gave me a profound answer. He said,||Since it's been painted before doesn't mean it can't be painted uniquely. What about changing the perspective and showing him from the side or behind?||

Right then I had it, ran downstairs, grabbed my pencil, and immediately drew a thumbnail. Within three weeks I had completed the painting

Because the powerful perspective and testimony that I was bearing of the resurrection, it was a very emotional time. Often, I couldn't hold back the tears.