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Photograph of Scott Sumner Scott Sumner is a professional photographer whose work depicting the Savior, Jesus Christ, has been published in many books, on book covers, and can be found in many homes and religious institutions across the world. His work has been exhibited in International Art Competitions sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, at BYU Education Week, and Women’s Conference in Provo, Utah.

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Scott has served on the board of directors for the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association, (IPPA), and the Inspirational Art Association, (IAA), of which he is a founding member and past president, and currently serves on their advisory board. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales from Weber State University Ogden, Utah

“I witness to you anything I have ever done of value or worth on this earth has been achieved in and through the mercy, kindness, and grace of my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Humbly I testify the Lord magnifies our talents as we adhere to His commandments and apply ourselves with honest effort; I have no other explanation for the blessings I have been given.”

Scott Sumner

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That Ye May Know
  • From $8.75
More Than a Hero Large Wall Art
  • From $3,445.00
More Than a Hero
  • From $225.00
He Will Find Me Large Wall Art
  • From $1,700.00
He Will Find Me
  • From $14.99
I Am He Large Wall Art
  • From $2,040.00
I Am He
  • From $20.00
Young Women
  • From $8.75
Young Women (white)
  • From $8.75
Ye Are My Disciples
  • From $8.75
Woman at the Well
  • From $8.75
Whom Do Men Say That I Am
  • From $8.75
Upon This Rock
  • From $8.75
The Son of God
  • From $9.99
Then Took Mary
  • From $8.75
Then Took Mary (white)
  • From $8.75
The Love of a Child
  • From $8.75
The Lord is My Shepherd
  • From $247.50